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Tap into the Pre-Owned Revolution!

Customers are tapping into the shopping revolution for pre-owned or “pre-loved” goods, including jigsaws, as the stigma of buying goods second-hand disappears. So-called ‘recommerce’ is also thrifty : it cuts clutter in our homes and it’s good for the environment.

Sales at charity shops and other second-hand vendors are booming and experts believe the recommerce market will double in size over the next five years. As a testament to this trend, Etsy, a US-based online marketplace, has recently bought UK second-hand clothing app Depop for £1.1 billion!

In the case of jigsaws, people are realising that buying a pre-owned puzzle is extremely good value for money for an item that they will probably only use once. Jigsaw Exchange is pleased to be a contributor to what marketeers call the “circular economy” in which used goods are recycled instead of stored or binned.